The Yamuna Method

The Yamuna Method

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The Yamuna Method?

Body Rolling

Body Rolling consists of a series of routines that use various size and density balls to release muscles from tightness and tension, which have created restrictions in the body. The body starts to feel toned and realigned after the 1st class, it feels more like a massage than a workout, and the results are felt immediately.

As you roll out specific parts of the body, your whole body starts to feel transformed, you can breathe deeper and easier, you stand stronger and more balanced on your legs, and your joints become looser and more stable. In a nut shell you are taller, your posture is better, you look sleek and more shaped. You will feel an ease of movement throughout your whole body which will give you an increased sense of well-being and a positive self-image.

The body has a natural logic and order, so first the bone is stimulated by the pressure of the ball this initiates release of the tendons of all the muscles that have attachments anywhere on that bone, release of the tendon will in turn release muscle.

Bone is living tissue with its own blood supply and circulation, and the more alive the bone is, the more resilient it becomes. By applying some pressure with the ball the function of the bone begins to wake up which is why Body Rolling can rapidly create positive structural changes.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort due to a sprain, muscle spasms or nerve impingement, there is compression or restriction in a specific area of the body i.e. a lack of space, this will 1st manifest as muscle tightness, if this is not corrected, next the muscles become so tight that they impinge on a nerve (example, sciatica)

The goal of Body rolling is to create space by restoring length to the muscles involved. Creating optimum space throughout the body restores full range of motion in all joints.

Yamuna Method in Vendée

Athletes who use their bodies for peak performance can use body rolling to help them achieve this.

A few examples:

  • Runners can use the ball to work all the thigh muscles, this will bring an awareness to which muscles are tight and restricting their movement , releasing these muscle allow more freedom when running and can improve speed time
  • Golfers can improve their swing and prevent lower back pain
  • Dancers can prevent injury and improve recovery time after repetitive movements which have caused a decrease in their performance.

By just starting the basic routines you will be able to prevent common discomforts such as tension, tightness and pain, you can avoid the stiffness, loss of mobility and other problems that most of us accept as natural when we get older. Body Rolling will help you live out your later years with remarkable strength and vitality.

No matter who you are, athlete, exercise enthusiast or non-exerciser, Body Rolling should be part of your life and incorporating it into your daily routines is easy because you can do it in the comfort of your own home, at the office or while travelling as the balls are easily deflated and can fit into your travel bag. You no longer need to rely on anybody.

Classes are the best way to start body rolling so you have an experienced teacher who will guide you through the best routines for you. Once you are comfortable on the ball, you can buy balls, DVD’s or books or follow on the internet so you can fit your routine into your own time frame.

YBR Balls

The YBR ball is specially made to fit uneven surfaces of the musculoskeletal system with its appropriate hardness and flexibility. The material is customized polyvinyl chloride, and the safety with regards to the human body is guaranteed by Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC of the European Commission and Directive 2005/84/EC of the European Parliament. All five YBR balls hold up to 160 kg.

The biggest ball, the gold ball, is 25 cm in diameter and is usually used by beginners and for sensitive areas such as the rib cage and abdomen since the pressure toward the body it produces is the lowest. Slightly smaller than the gold ball, the pearl ball is 15 cm in diameter and made for a relatively smaller person and travel usage.

The denser silver ball is 23 cm in diameter and is used for stimulating especially lower extremities by advance users. For small body parts such as the calf and hip, the calf (black) ball, which is 10 cm in diameter, is suitable.

The blue ball made with the same hardness as the silver ball has been produced for advanced usage as a calf ball. The face ball is customised for facial use, and hemisphere-shaped foot walkers and foot savers can especially stimulate the feet. By choosing and using a variety of tools, total body self-conditioning is possible.

Yamuna body rolling balls

Table Treatment

Hands-on therapists understand that it is important to train in a variety of massage techniques since not all clients respond to the same type of treatment.

The Yamuna® Table Treatment involves very little direct pressure on fingers or hands. It uses the generalised body weight of the therapist to apply pressure into the client’s body through the hands. The Yamuna® balls act as a fulcrum to allow deeper work into joints.

The sequence of the session follows the natural order of the body. The treatment starts with direct bone stimulation, and then moves out from where the tendon attaches to the bone and then down into the body of the muscle towards its insertion. The ball is used as traction to achieve greater length, tone and freedom of movement. The constant goal of the therapist is to correct alignment of bones and muscles throughout the body and effortlessly increase the client’s freedom of movement.

People get off the table and know they have had a session. The legs feel free, the hips are super loose, and the torso and head are floating upward. Clients love this work!

Yamuna body rolling balls


This 65-year-old woman entrepreneur is helping people heal through a unique body therapy Yamuna Zake is the founder of Yamuna Body Rolling. Through a self-developed therapy called Body Logic, she helps people achieve body sustainability to help heal injuries. By Nirandhi Gowthaman

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